Tridge Bidding Table

The table below is designed to aid the bidding in the initial learning stages.

Arbitrary values have been given to the first four Trumps of 7, 6, 5, and 4 points to the fourth Trump.

The King of the Trump suit and all other Kings are worth 2 points. All other cards in the Trump suit are worth 1 point. Also a point has been assigned to a Void or lack of a suit.

By means of counting these points, the novice player can have a rough idea if the hand has possibilities for play. I suggest that at this point before card exchange a minimum of 13 to 14 points should be held in the hand. This number of points will not secure a game, it is only an indication that there is a possibility of play. During card exchange more points could arrive.

Cards Value (points)
1st Trump 7
2nd Trump 6
3rd Trump 5
4th Trump 4
King 2
Other trump 1
Void 1

1st 7
3rd 5
2 Kings 2 * 2 = 4
1 other trump 1
1 void 1
1st 7
2nd 6
1 King 2
3 other trumps 3
1 void 1
Total = 18 points Total = 19 points

Only attempt declaring Play if at least 13 (and preferably 14) points can be counted in the hand, before exchanging cards.

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