Welcome to the Cambridge Tridge Club

Tridge is a trick taking card game that excercises the mind in strategy and calculation. This is a modern version of an old game that fell out of fashion because of the confusing terms and names that were used.

It was well described by Pope (1711) in his work Rape of the Lock, under the name of OMBRE.

The game was and is played throughout Europe under various names like L'HOMBRE, TRESILLO. ROCAMBOR. Each of the countries has adapted some of the original terms to their language or used the French equivalents

Because of this confusion Carlos de la Riva decided to make an all-English version that has its own terms and clearly separates playing with the ancient traditional or modern cards. Unlike the version of Henry Hucks Gibbs of 1874 or 1902 dedicated to the President and members of the Roxburghe Club in Aldenham this new version sets out clearly the play, has a bidding table that helps with this task. The scoring is also presented in tabular form for ease of consultation at the table (like the score card at Bridge).

We have successfully formed a Tridge Club in Cambridge that meets on Tuesday evenings and are engaged in the production of an electronic version that could allow play with people at distant terminals. But it must be stressed that for social play at the table there is no equivalent.

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